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Not Your Mothers Guide to being a Plus Size Beauty

By: Ashley Jackson 

We live in a world where no two people are the same. People have their own unique color, style, size, shape, hairstyle and the list continues. I believe there is a certain beauty in that and personally feel we should celebrate diversity. However, we live in society that dictates what beauty is and perpetuates that a woman should strive to be thin, blond and tan. For the record, if that’s what you are and want to be that’s great. But in reality only a small percentage of people fall into this category and there are is so much beauty outside of those three criteria’s that is being sold short. I happen to be full figured, pale and have red hair. I’m not exactly society’s ideal of what woman should be but guess what…I’m beautiful and comfortable in my own skin.

I’ve grown up being over weight. It’s not because I’m not active or that I eat unhealthy. It has a large part to do with genetics. I was given a pair of curvy chromosomes. I’ve been through my fair share of fad diets and have had weight loss success but ultimately I return to where I started. That’s my reality.

However, I know some of the skinniest, tannest, most blond women who are hate themselves and continue to struggle with body issues. It’s sad really. It’s not their fault or anyone’s fault that struggles with self-acceptance. Why? Because we have so many people in our lives, on television, in magazines telling us to be different than what we are.  I fell into this category for years. I was made fun of for being the “fat girl”, ridiculed and teased throughout most of my elementary and Jr. High school years. Eventually, I got over it a realized that a difference in numbers on a scale didn’t make me less of a person. It finally came down to accepting that I’m never going to be a size 0 and realizing how beauty beyond there is beyond that number. What beauty really boils down to is—finding that inner confidence and self-acceptance.

"I gave up on letting people tell me how I should look, what I should wear and what size I should be. I do what makes me happy. If that means I feel I should lose some weight, buy some new clothes or change my hair it’s because that’s what I want for me."

I look at Adele as a great voice for woman, like myself who don’t fall under society’s interpretation of beauty. Adele says she is happy just the way she is and her voluptuous shape has never been an issue. I love that! I want to tell the Karl Lagerfeld’s (fashion designer who said she’s too fat) of the world to go fuck themselves.  I feel as though Adele is the type of woman who feels the same and will continue to be herself and serve as that role model the world needs.

"I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines," the 23-year-old told People. “I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.”

People like Karl Lagerfeld are the reason young girls grow up to have body image issues. Newsflash Karl and other people like him—not everyone is meant to be thin! Wake up and start celebrating the diversity of beauty!

My challenge to those of you reading this is learn to love you. Accept yourself for who you are and celebrate your beauty. Quit trying to be what the world wants you to be and get busy being yourself.

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