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On Visiting Your College Town

A few weeks ago I made the eight hour trek back to Springfield, MO. It’s home to Andy’s Frozen Custard, Kum & Go Gas stations and Missouri State University. The Queen City of the Ozarks is where I spent four years of my life making priceless memories. 

Almost a year after I graduated and moved away to pursue “big girl” endeavors I went back for a visit. I learned a lot from that visit and feel the need to blog it out.

Every little thing reminds you of something from the past

I was sitting at a random Kum & Go with Bridget and had a flashback to a time we were both underage and asked a stranger to buy us beer. The plan didn’t quite work out the way we wanted it too but it made for a good story a laugh. This was probably the hardest thing for me. It’s was like everywhere I went in that city reminded me of countless memories of things that occurred with I was a student. I once again had to swallow the “you will never get those times back” pill.

As sad as it can be it made me put things into prospective. It made me focus on my current reality; I have an amazing career, live independently in a new state, made a great group of new friends and am HAPPY. Life the way it was in college couldn’t last forever but those memories will.

Your close college friends will always be your friends

When I was back in town I had the pleasure of connecting with dozens of my main mates from MSU. We shared stories, drinks, laughs and had the best time. They are truly some of the best people I know. They’ve been with me through the worst and best of times. Life may not be as simple for us as it was at 20. However, the glory of it is that we continue to go through the changes of life together. We are separated by distance, marriages, careers and countless other factors but our friendship remains.

It wasn’t until I went back for this visit that I fully realized this.

Those short-term visits are free passes to behave like an undergrad again

Perhaps it was the Tropical Liquors $3 Jack-and-Coke, being with my old crew, or traipsing around my old stomping grounds. Well, to be honest it was probably a combo of all three but it felt like pretend. I felt as though I could do, say and take whatever I wanted. After all, I was leaving on Monday and life would be back to normal. So my weekend back in my college town was just a chance to make new memories with old friends. There are certain times when things that are not usually socially acceptable become acceptable and visiting your college town is one of them.

All in all I would say it was a success. On my drive home I realized how much I needed that carefree weekend. It added more value to those friendships, made me appreciate my reality more and in a sense gave me closure on the college chapter being over.

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